FCI LONDON are the London office of Fujisankei Communications International Inc. With our head office in New York we are the overseas representative of the Fujisankei Communications Group, one of Japan’s largest media conglomerates. We look after all aspects of the Groups business in the UK; producing content for TV programmes, commercials, organising events, and providing local coordination.

Anglo-Japanese Business
Our aim at FCI London is to provide the essential link between UK and Japan; For TV production, coordination, events and research we provide linguistic and cultural translation and also important local knowledge for our partners in both countries. We act as a bridge between Japan and the UK for all media services.

Many parts, one FCI
At our office, in addition to our talented, bilingual local staff, we have experienced journalists from Fuji TV News and the Sankei Newspaper who send the most up to date news stories from Europe to Japan every day. We also have researchers, technical staff as well as senior management from Fuji TV.

Our Core Expertise







What We do

We have been operating in London for over 30 years, bringing Britain and Japan closer through a range of activities. Our expertise includes TV production, local coordination, media research, event promotion, cultural consultation, business negotiations and a range of other UK/Japan related services. We handle:

  • TV and commercial production, content distribution, programme sales.
  • Coordination, location searching, filming, translation,
  • PR, Event promotion, concerts, press releases, exhibitions, venue management,
  • Research, media focused reports, regular updates of events and current affairs,
  • Local logistic coordination, hotel, transport and staff provision.


Events & Productions

We have supported the UK performances of artists such as classical violinist, Taro Hakase, the singer, Miki Imai, rock star, Tomoyasu Hotei, the comedy duo, Sandwichman and the exhibition of the artist Noritake Kinashi. We facilitated the first major exhibition of the artist Anno Mitsumasa in London, as well as leading the negotiations for loans from major museums and galleries, most recently for the blockbuster 'Fear in Art' exhibition in Japan.

Coordination & Research

We have been involved with commercial shoots, as well as TV productions for major broadcasters in both Japan and the UK, working with local partners to produce live broadcasts, comedy series, news features and documentaries. We coordinate and conduct research on behalf of partners in Japan including government organisations, the broadcasters association, national media, cultural and tourism organisations and produce regular updates on UK culture and media.


As part of FCG, we are very active in the field of art. In London, we work closely with the established art world on exhibition proposals and loans. We are also the Japan Art Association's International Liaison Office for The Praemium Imperiale Awards.

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